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Terms & Conditions

1 - Definitions and Interpretations
Order of confirmationmeans on the acceptance of your order, by written, fax or electronic means, is 
 the point where it becomes binding on both parties.
Propertymeans the address of building(s), land, location of which you require a Lox Property Research
Searchmeans any document you have ordered as detailed on our order form.
Required Informationmeans any information required by you in order for Lox Property Research to
 complete the Search.
Contact(s)means any third party contacted (Local Authorities etc) to enable Lox Property Research to complete the Search.
Servicesmeans providing documents for you.
Us/Our/Wemeans Lox Property Research.
You/Your/Responsible Personmeans the person, firm or company who has requested the Search to be
 carried out by Lox Property Research.
Working daymeans Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm.


2 - Lox Property Research Services
2.1 No service is binding and will not come into force until the confirmation of order.
2.2 Lox Property Research have the right to accept or decline any Search.  Upon receipt of your order we shall provide a confirmation of order.  This will be submitted to you by email or by facsimile.  Lox Property Research will immediately proceed to carry out your Search order.
2.3 Lox Property Research will provide up to date and accurate information to the date of which the Search was carried out.  However, Lox Property Research hold no responsibility should any details of the Search change between the period of being carried out by Lox Property Research, to receipt of the Search by you.
2.4 Lox Property Research will endeavour to deliver your Search within the turnaround time stated.  Due to exceptional circumstances, Lox Property Research may be unable to obtain certain information required to complete your Search within our stated turnaround time.  However, should this be the case, you will be notified immediately by Lox Property Research should any delay arise.
2.5 Lox Property Research carry out all services under these terms and conditions.  In order for Lox Property Research to carry out your Search you are accepting the terms and conditions.


3 - Your Privacy and Security
3.1 Your personal details will be kept on our Lox Property Research secure database and these details will be used solely for completion of the Search.  Lox Property Research can confirm that any personal details will not be passed to any third party unless authorised by you.
3.2 A responsible person may copy or issue a copy of the search report.

4 - Charges
4.1 All charges are subject to VAT at the applicable rate and do include delivery.
4.2 On receipt of your order you have two options of payment:
- Payment 1 - Immediate payment via the web order form.
- Payment 2 - Lox Property Research will issue an invoice requesting payment within 3 working days. 
On receipt of your payment, Lox Property Research will commence with your order.

5 - Cancellations
5.1 When Lox Property Research have confirmed your order and research has commenced on the Search, you agree to pay the charges applicable and no monies paid will be refunded if cancellation is required.  However, if work has not yet commenced on your Search and Lox Property Research are able to cancel searches, full payment will not be applicable but an administration fee for cancellation of £25 will be requested.


6 - Your Obligations
6.1 The required information you provide us will be accurate and up to date so that Lox Property Research are in a position to proceed with your Search.
6.2 Should any inaccuracies occur in the information you have provided, you will inform Lox Property Research immediately.  Lox Property Research will attempt to alter the Search to include the new information.  However, there may be additional charges depending on the status of the Search.
6.3 Lox Property Research will communicate via email, phone, post or fax, whichever is the most convenient for you.


7 - Limitation of Liability
7.1 Lox Property Research can not accept any liability for any error in a Search, where information is obtained through a public register or through information provided by a third party.
7.2 Lox Property Research provide cover for every Search carried out at no additional cost.  This indemnity insurance covers information that is not freely available when carrying out the Search.  The level of insurance covers any liability against any unanswered questions in the Search up to the value of the property and commercial properties up to the value of £2,000,000.  This indemnity insurance cover is provided by Finsbury Insurance Group.  Copies of these policies are available on request should a dispute arise.
7.3 Lox Property Research can not accept any liability for any error in a Search, where inaccurate information has been provided by you.
7.4 Lox Property Research deliver all paper reports via email.  However we cannot be held liable for any loss, damages or costs by any delay of delivery through post.
7.5 Lox Property Research can not be held liable for any loss of anticipated/actual business, opportunities, savings or profits arising from negligence in providing our Search.
7.6 In reference to Local Authority Personal Searches, the Local Authority will be liable for any negligent or incorrect entries in the records searched.  Lox Property Research will be liable for any negligent or incorrect interpretation of the records searched, or recording of that interpretation in the report. 
7.7 All Lox Property Research Personal Searches are Search Code Compliant and Lox Property Research is adequately insured under the requirements of Search Code regulations.
7.8 The name of the insurer who provides run-off cover is Finsbury Insurance Group.
7.9 When subcontracting for other companies, Lox Property Research carry out enquiries on the questions specified by the client. Lox Property Research can not be held liable for any inaccuracies within the search that have not been researched by Lox Property Research.


8 - General
8.1 Lox Property Research have sole rights of any Search provided to you, the responsible person.
8.2 Lox Property Research will notify you immediately of any event that occurs beyond our control, that may affect proceedings of the Search and can not be held liable for any failure to provide the Search.
8.3 The conditions set out are solely between Lox Property Research and you, the responsible person.
8.4 You acknowledge that on instructing Lox Property Research to provide these services you adhere to these terms and conditions.
8.5 Should any changes to these conditions become unenforceable, invalid or illegal, Lox Property Research will inform you of this in writing but the remaining conditions stand.
8.6 Lox Property Research conditions will be governed exclusively by the laws of England and Wales.  Lox Property Research and you to abide to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.
8.7 Lox Property Research and you agree that no third party will have any rights under these conditions to gain access to the information unless permission is granted by the responsible persons involved.
8.8 The relevant provisions of this contract may be enforced equally by the seller, a potential or actual buyer or a mortgage lender, and in their own right, whether or not they are party to the contract.
8.9 The search has been prepared with reasonable care and skill.

Lox Property Research Complaints Procedure for all Local Authority Personal Searches
Lox Property Research are registered to the Property Code Compliance Board (PCCB) and are subscribers to the Search code and adhere to their terms and conditions.  Lox Property Research treat all complaints with extreme importance, professionally and confidentially.

If you wish to make a complaint, Lox Property Research will handle your complaint as follows:

-  On receipt of your complaint/query, Lox Property Research will acknowledge this within 5 working days via email.
-  We aim to resolve your complaint fully and in writing within 20 working days of receipt.
-  If, for any reason, the resolution of your complaint will take longer than 20 working days, we will notify you immediately in writing, by telephone or email (at your preference).
-  You will receive a response at the very latest within 40 working days.
-  Lox Property Research will send you a final decision in writing.

If you are not fully satisfied with the final decision, you may refer your query or complaint for consideration under The Property Ombudsman scheme (TPOs). The Ombudsman can award compensation of up to £5,000 to you if he finds that you have suffered actual loss as a result of your Search provider failing to keep to the Code. All details for the The Property Ombudsman scheme will be enclosed with our written final decision.  We will co-operate fully with the independent adjudicator during the consideration of your complaint and we will comply with any decision following the investigation.

Complaints should be sent to:
Services Manager, Lox Property Research, PO BOX 272, St Austell. Cornwall, PL25 9EX

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